[HOWTO] CellBroadcast / Emergency Alert - settings and list alerts

as today a SMS-CB alert will be broadcasted (through Germanys cell network, 11am) - I wondered where the settings are. Here’s how you can check alert history and settings.

Android 12 / S
Settings → Safety & emergency → Wireless emergency alerts

Android 10 / Q and Android 11 / R
Settings → Apps and notifications → Advanced → Emergency Alerts

Android 7 / Nougat
Settings → Wireless & networks → More → Emergency Brodcasts (no list of alerts)


1.5-r-20221030230467-dev-FP3 … I can’t find it there.

But it’s there when I search the Settings for it. I failed to locate it in the Settings tree up until now, though.


good point, thanks for checking. Have developer mode always enabled. Without the option seems hidden.

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Good Morning

on my Samsung S10+ with /e/OS [e-1.6-r-20221202239576] the CB is not displayed in proper way

What could be the reason? Network Provider?

on my SM-G930F 1.5-q-20221028230220-stable-herolte
this is not a question of developer mode or not, all options directly accessible in system settings (and notifications also properly displayed)

In case you are referring to the Developer options in the Settings, those were and are enabled on my device.

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Same here, not shown in the tree despite having developer options enabled, too. Everything worked out of the box though (no audio alert on my FP3+ though, but then again I had set the device to vibration only).

P.S.: Everyone who wants this all to work you can submit some feedback here:



some encoding issue - also both messages were split each into 2?

I had successful SMS-CB for a Android11/R - without SIM card even. I’d guess if it’s not a user-device software issue, it’s rather with the celltower then the provider

Yes, I have received 2x2 CBs on my phone. The buddies next to me received an proper CB-message (with Huawei-branded Android).
I guess it is not the celltower

on the plus side, alien gibberish will put you on your toes and heighten your survival instincts

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I received multiple of those test alerts via Cell Broadcast as well, they were displayed properly.

However, due to “Do not disturb”, no sound was played, which I find very detrimental in case of imminent danger. More details: https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/6362

For me, those Cell Broadcast settings are also only available via search. I’ve got a Fairphone 3 with 1.6-r-20221202239576-dev-FP3

to respect DnD is currently the default with the “old” Android 10+11 cellbroadcast service - can be easily fixed. That option is gone in A12

Did anyone on Android 12 / S receive the alert though? as not everybody stated the device version I’m unsure.

I didn’t on a FP3 with S. While it didn’t have a SIM card inserted, other devices (on Q/R) without a SIM did receive the broadcast.

There was a prior issue a few versions and moths ago where someone didn’t receive an alert. The bug has some hints how to test the component with a little companion debug app - Failure of emergency alerts in v1.1 on Samsung Galaxy S7 (#5867) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

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Same issue on Samsung S9+ with /e/OS 1.5
My buddies also next to me received an proper CB-message.

in the meantime I have updated to version 1.6, so I can’t tell you exactly which version of 1.5 I had before.

Today there was another test in NRW Germany and my phone did not get a notification. The IPhone 12 of colleague worked fine. Everything including tests is enabled on my phone. Using 1.8.1-s-20230203257074-dev-beryllium on my Poco F1.

The problem still persist using 1.8.1-20230207257879-s tar2lte on Samsung S9+