HOWTO /e/ for Samsung

For the installation of /e/ on a Samsung there is a manual available here [HOWTO] Install /e/ on a Samsung smartphone with Windows easily.

Under 8) Install /e/ it means: Dalvik, Data, Internal Storage, Cache and System delete.

But Internal Storage is not selected on the screen.

What is correct?

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I prefer ‘never wipe internal storage’, but there are one or two people who have done without any issue.
So it’s you decision.

okay, then I also choose the smaller risk

I belong to those who delete everything during a ‘clean install’, including internal storage.

What are your arguments for ‘never wipe internal storage’?

But is there anybody who faced an issue by wiping Internal storage?

If Downloads, Pictures, etc are backed up, it’s better to also select Internal storage to increase the “clean” percentage of the installation.

Yes, me :frowning:

Unfortunately I have to ask again.
The HOWTO above refers to the model Galaxy J5 2015 / SM-J500FN / j5nlte).
I would like to install /e/ but for a Samsung S9.
The following is the reference to Smartphone Selector / Install/Build
When I select “install”, follows.
After that, there is the hint again to install on WinPC with Odin. I would like to do that as well. But now I’m missing a link for the latest download of /e/ ROM for my phone. Where can I find it? I have not found anything (maybe I am too stupid)

You can find the images here:

Hi @Michael2,

For the Samsung s9, You can use the step by step compagnon « /e/asy-installer »

Édit :
there are two links for
In the page
available in

thank you very much, that’s what I was looking for.
thank you too; I had found this manual.