[HOWTO] Get a “/e/ user” title on this forum

You may have noticed some people have a “/e/ user” title next to their name in this forum. This title is actually available to users having their @e.email used as primary email in their profile. So: to get a “/e/ user” title on this forum, simply use your @e.email in your user profile settings.


And then in your account settings make sure the right title is selected if there are more than one available:


Other titles can come from other group memberships and some badges can be used as titles too.


Not possible changing primary account e-mail With an e.email address.

Error indicate that : “Une erreur est survenue lors de la modification de votre adresse courriel. Cette adresse est déjà utilisée par un utilisateur distant.”

Solution create another account ?

Please send me your e.email address by private message for me to investigate