Howto go from LineageOS to /e/

I have now installed the LineageOS cedric 17.1 (android 10) on my moto g5 and it behaves very well. I installed without the Gapps package and I’m using Fdroid and apkpure as appstore.

So far I’m quite happy with the operation of the phone.

I’m not sure how much work there is too go from the LineageOS package to the /e/ package and what the real objective benefits would be. Any advice / insight /pointers are welcome.

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Ok, do it the same way for /e/OS,
Boot to TWRP, format and wipe the partitions that have to be, and install…

I you don’t know what to do, read this

uuhmm … do I not need to find a /e/ build image for ‘cedric’ in my case ?

I could not find it in any of the lists (custom, unofficial part 1 and 2, …) unless I overlooked something …

I will try to build one, but as now I can’t guarantee that the build will success :wink:
I’ll keep you posted.

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@ikfredje : please find the build here.

I think you can install it the same way you did for LineageOS :wink:


Many thanks ! It seems to work !

I created account an linked to it, added signal private messenger, use the hardware buttons to navigate.

I’ll let you know if something is not right but so far so good.

Got an alert from Trust that the image was signed with public keys … not sure if this is relevant or not.


You’re very welcome, thanks for your feedback :blush:

The key alert from Trust is okay : unofficial builds are signed with generic keys.
You may also notice some “dev” or “testing” in version strings.
I can confirm this is a straight build from /e/ Gitlab, without any modification.

Hopefully one day will /e/ produce official builds, with genuine signing keys :wink:

Enjoy :slight_smile: