Howto hide Bluetooth?

I am using the German Corona Contact Tracing app (v2.11.2.0) on FP3+, which requires permanently open Bluetooth.
So far my phone is in open sight of anybody who wants to mess with it, as there is no option to hide the device.

How can I get to hide Bluetooth?

Do you mean “bluetooth” instead of usb?

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Oh, sure, sorry.

Can I delete the post, as I am unable to correct it?

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There was a mistake in the posts subject. It shall be: How may I hide bluetooth?

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@mungo If you see the pencil you may edit it yourself:
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I have made the edit in @mungo’s post.


If bluetooth is on, it will be visible to nearby devices. There’s no way around that except to turn it off.

This is strange, since I know that other devices offer the opportunity to choose between visible and invisible status or be visibility for some time (e.g. two minutes or while bluetooth-settings are open as on the FP2) and then go stealth, which is a well appreciated protective measure.
Bluetooth-hacks are quite common, and I do not want to help someone to steal my data or brick my phone by ignoring that.
Is there really no solution for that?

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Maybe I misunderstood the question. See: What is Bluetooth visibility?
And: Bluetooth visibility (My device) - Taming The Droid

I’m assuming that for COVID-19 tracing, your visibility is open, as you are not actually connecting to any other device. (?)


Well, meanwhile I have doublechecked it.
Looks like it behaves like the FP2 did: Visible while settings open, invisible when settings closed.
Important: If the settings are open in the background, it is still visible.
Thank you.


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