[HOWTO] I am trying to build /e/ but the download seems to be stuck

The Docker build process is the method we recommend for building /e/. We have a simple guide for building /e/ using the Docker method here. Assuming you are attempting to build /e/ using the same process.
Yes, the first run of the build takes a lot of time…the time would depend on a couple of factors like

  • Your Internet speed
  • The Hard disk type for e.g. it will be faster if you use a SDD drive
  • Space available on your hard disk
    You may see the screen stuck at this point

    Please note this does not mean your build has crashed or there is a problem check the log files for details of what is being downloaded.
    The first time it could take 6 - 12 hours to completely download all the files. This is a one time activity and the next build on wards the build time is greatly reduced 2 -3 hours.

If you want to follow the syncing process open another terminal window and go to /srv/e/logs and find the current log file. Then type:
tail -f repo-20190403.log for example.