[HOWTO] Import contacts from Apple to /e/ cloud

First we need a so-called .vcf file, this file can be created using different techniques.

  1. On a Mac:
    Open contacts application, click “All Contacts” then go to File>Export. Save the file.

  2. On Windows/Linux
    Go to icloud.com login and click click “Contacts”
    Go to the lower left of the page and click select all:
    Now click Export vCard:

Now it wil ask to open or save the .vfc file, choose save:

Ok, now we have a .vcf file.

Next step is to import it on our /e/ drive. Go to your e drive login and click on “Contacts”.
Go to the lower left click on the gearwheel and choose import into:

Select your .vcf file as described above and click open:

Now the contacts will flow in:

When you are logged in on your /e/ phone, the contacts will sync to your phone.

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