[HOWTO] Install /e/ on OnePlus 6 running Android 10

Hello Martin, sorry for the late reply,
I’m not using OnePlus anymore so I cant help you.

Good luck and regards, Jan

Hello Martin,
I am successfully running /e/OS 1.6 S on my OnePlus 6. I followed the instructions at Install /e/OS on a OnePlus 6 - “enchilada” .
My suggestions:

  • Make sure that your OnePlus 6 runs Android 11, preferably the latest version.
  • After having installed the recovery, I had to manually reboot into recovery as specified in the instructions.

Hello @Tentos
Thanks for your help.
So you mean I should install Oxygen OS back into the oneplus 6 then upgrade it before flashing /e/ OS 1.6.

Will I be able to upgrade to the latest Android version of I don’t have a Google account?

Can’t I just load back the original Oxygen os which was Android 9 I guess and then flash v1.6?

Thanks a lot for your insights. I’m not an expert so try to do it the right way on the first time :wink:


Thanks @rex ,
For my curiosity, what phone have you chosen to run /e/ OS?

Hi Martin,
I purchased OnePlus because FairPhone 3 was delayed and my old Note3 had hardware problems. A few weeks after purchasing Oneplus 6 FP3 came on the market. So I changed to it.

Yes, this is the way to go.

Yes, this is possible: The OnePlus update app does not need a Google account. You may skip the login to a Google account after the OxygenOS installation.

You should definitely upgrade to the newest Android version for your phone. You may flash Android 9 and then use the built-in OTA app by OnePlus to upgrade to Android 11, this should be possible.
On my last clean install, I reinstalled Android 10 and used the OTA app to install OxygenOS 11. Afterwards, I installed /e/OS R (= Android 11) on the OnePlus 6.

Important: Which Android version is currently installed on your OnePlus 6? If you reinstall OxygenOS, you should first flash an OxygenOS version that is based on the same Android version as your current one. Afterwards, you can upgrade as described above.

Ok, good to know! It’s running Android 9 so I’m going to look for a version of oxygen based on Android 9, then do the upgrade. Thanks a lot @Tentos !

By the way, @Tentos , do you think I can flash an Android 11 version using msmdownload tool? I thought of this shortcut because it works for bricked phones so it should work for phones running a different version of Android, right?

I honestly don’t know, but it sounds reasonable that the MSMDownloadTool can be used to directly install Android 11. Still, do it at your own risk.

Finally done!
Thanksa lot @Tentos for your help! It would have taken me much longer!
MSM download tool was only available for Android 10 but I flashed it anyway, updated throug to Android 11 through OTA tool in oxygen and finally did a bit of adb and fastboot to run /e/ again!

By the way, do you use a tool to backup all your apps, local files, bookmarks, etc. Or you just do it manually?

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Great to hear that everything went smooth!

As for backups, I mainly use NeoBackup (my phone is rooted) together with the built-in backup functionality of some apps (WhatsApp, Signal, Threema, Authenticator Pro). The files are copied to my PC by ADB using a shell script.