[HOWTO] Installing PvZ2 ECLISE on /e/OS

Objective: Installing the PvZ2 mod, ECLISE, on an /e/OS device (or any other degoogled ROM, I guess). The initial setup is impossible to do without a g-account, but that’s something that can be fixed with this guide.

About: ECLISE is a modification of the mobile game “Plants vs Zombies 2”, which removes microtransactions, makes the level progression more linear, and introduces a couple more improvements.

This modification is also known for being more difficult, though an alternative easy mode is also available for beginners.


Let’s begin!

  1. Extract the contents of the game backup zip to your device’s internal storage. Don’t launch the game yet.
  2. Initiate OAndBackupX, and find the ECLISE backup. Restore the apk and its data by pressing “Both”.
  3. Copy the game obb to the internal storage’s Android/obb/com.ea.game…. folder
  4. Find ECLISE in settings, and under data usage, disable WiFi, mobile and VPN data.
  5. You should be ready to go!

Known issues:

  • In devices with a notch/camera cutout, the pause button’s hitbox is misalligned. According to the developer, this should be fixed by hiding the cutout (in /e/, this is done through developer settings, but looks like doing this makes Bliss Launcher crash into oblivion.)
  • If OAndBackupX does not detect the backup, rename the “OAndBackupX” folder to “OABX”