[HOWTO] Move contacts from Google account to /e/ (export, import)

Let’s say you were using Google Android, having all your contacts on your google account, syncing with your gmail, etc… and you switch to /e/, and you want to transfer all your contacts to your new beautiful operating system. Here’s how to do it.

1. Export from Google

On your computer, open your favourite browser and open this location: https://contacts.google.com/

Log in with the same google account you used on your old phone.

On the left side, at bottom, you should see the “export” section. Click it.

Choose vCard format and click export. You will get a .vcf file. Save it somewhere.

2. Import into /e/

In the same browser, open https://ecloud.global/apps/contacts/

Log-in with the same /e/ account you use on your phone.

On the left side, at bottom, there’s a “Settings” engine icon. Click on it. Then click on “Import”, a file dialog should open. Select the .vcf file you downloaded before. All your contacts should appear soon.

It could take a while before the contacts get synced to your phone. To speed things up, on your phone, go to “settings -> accounts -> /e/ address book -> three vertical dots -> sync now”

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