[HOWTO] Moving GMaps favourites to Maps.ME


A friend just got his fairphone with /e/ and posted a small tutorial on how to move your GMaps favourites to Maps.ME


I think it was worthy the share here.


Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


It has 19 trackers!!! :frowning: :scream:


The blog says “It has, imho, a more intuitive UI and my user experience was better.” [compared to OsmAnd, which has no trackers according to Aurora].
Question of priorities, it seems.

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I hope that one day someone can make a map app, maybe like a front-end on gmaps, but without all the garbage that google forces us to accept!!!

Unfortunately I have to say that google maps works well, even in the search for places, restaurants and so on…


Google employs people to develop Maps. The App is cost-free for the user. The money has to come from somewhere.

You don’t like Magic Earth, /e/'s stock Map App, which uses OpenStreetMaps (the “Osm” in OsmAnd) with a dumbed down UI?

(I’m in the OsmAnd camp anyway, I like having features and options.)


Yes, I like Magic Earth and I’m using it when I need, but sometimes is difficult to find some places, thing that obviously gmaps can do better since it has the google search behind.
But I chose to not use it, gmaps I mean :slight_smile: :+1:

It’s not likely Google will surrender this advantage and scrap some of their user data income for a frontend from which they don’t benefit.

Seems that alternatively we’re stuck with improving OpenStreetMaps :wink: .
Which reminds me of this nice “game” … StreetComplete.

Is Maps.Me the same as Magic Earth? I just looked up Magic Earth in the Aurora Store and it has “no trackers”. What am I missing? I have /e/ installed and I have been using Magic Earth.

No. Sorry for the distraction.

The blog author chose Maps.ME for not having Google Maps, and for a certain user experience. Trackers or not played no role it seems.

/e/ chose Magic Earth as the stock maps App also for not having Google Maps, and for a certain user experience, with the additional benefit of apparently not having trackers.

@anon38440295 ideally wants to have basically Google Maps, but without the data collecting.

It seems Google got the user experience and the underlying data right, but excessively collects user data.

OsmAnd is the OpenStreetMaps App, has no trackers, but doesn’t get much love, apparently because it looks and works differently than Google Maps, and it has a ton of features and options which seem to be overkill for the average user.

Maps.ME simplifies the user experience while using OpenStreetMaps, but has trackers.

Magic Earth simplifies the user experience while using OpenStreetMaps, and has no trackers.

But it seems the underlying OpenStreetMaps data is still missing things compared to Google’s data.

I just found it interesting overall.

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Hi @mihira and thanks for sharing.

Do you know if it works with the
ttacker-free version of maps.me ?



I don’t know, since this Maps app keep crashing on my device :frowning:

But I think it’s worthy trying out


OsmAnd~ has a 6/10 for Privacy in A, like Magic Earth. Both (and Maps.Me too, but Privacy N/A) are avalaible from F-Droid too. [OSM Dashboard for OpenTrack has a 10/10 for Privacy] Not the tool I was looking for

Well, I’d never used any road-GPS with my phone, so I will test, but a good privacy focused one would be great… And low cellphone-datas would be better :wink:

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You can still disable all trackers using AppWarden. I tried and it seems to work without issues, even though I still have to dig further


What is this AppWarden? Can you explain it a bit better?

I looked for it on Apps, FDroid, AuroraStore but found nothing.


It’s from the same devs of aurora store:

Warden : App management utility

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