[HOWTO] Oneliner to Diff an /e/-app Fork to its Upstream

I want to note it down to invite anybody to assess the difference between an /e/ app fork and a similar version upstream. A major hurdle is the rebranding/package renaming.

As example I use the Mail fork of k9mail, but found out it’s not the best pick. It addresses this hurdle, not much else - the comparison breaks as soon as upstream does bigger refactorings. (With Mail it’s the migration to Kotlin in 5.700 that takes more steps to compare or better just fork again.)

I assume you have cloned both repositories… I use cli utils as I’m not fluent in any java tooling*

cd ~/git/e.foundation/apps/mail 
grep -rlZ 'foundation.e.mail' . --exclude-dir=.git | xargs -0 sed -i 's/foundation\.e\.mail/com\.fsck\.k9/g'
for dir in $(find . | grep 'java/foundation/e/mail' | while read line; do echo ${line/\/mail*/\/mail}; done | uniq); do mkdir -p $dir/../../../com/fsck; mv -v $dir $dir/../../../com/fsck/k9; done

… and checked out tags/commit hashes that make sense to compare

meld ~/git/e.foundation/apps/mail ~/git/hub/k9mail

When you’re done, revert the changes in the fork

git restore .
git clean -fd

I’m happy to take suggestion for other useful oneliners, I’ll check what else I need with other examples from https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/apps

My feeling is that while forks give necessary control to quickly go ahead, it is hard to stay close to upstream long term if there’s no collaboration to accommondate /e/'s needs.

(* before I gave this feature in vscode-java a try and Rename Refactoring. A Java Dev should probably have better options with IntelliJ and others).


I agree! But the question is: What is the purpose of the /e/-forks? For me, they are just very basic apps to start from. And all users who need more or newer features are free to switch to a new version of the app which the /e/-version was forked from.
I just switched from the /e/-mail-app to K9 and I’m very happy with the plenty of features, that it offers. I also use another Browser, camera, and launcher. But the calendar, contacts, and notes apps are just right for me.