HowTo Set Camera App to store pictures to external sdcard [BUG?]

I am preparing a murano fairphone 4 and now I take picture and it gets stored into the internal storage. I want all to automatically be stored into external sdcard Pictures or Video or maybe DCIM folder, and completely ignore any idea to store to internal sdcard. Help!

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The default Camera app is a fork of OpenCamera.

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Ok I found it, but when trying to change it, it only contains text


while actually the picture file landed somewhere inside


What kind of weird “magic” path is “Camera”? Now entering a path, I expected some kind of file-location browser to choose from… the whole path to external sdcard is really long&complex. what “magic” string would I enter there?

(I miserably fail to put a path from ghost commander into clipboard and then change to the Camera app and there paste that path. I am so new to this all)

Same in the default file manager app: I “go” to the “external-sdcard-folder/DCIM/Camera” and simply don’t know how to copy that location into clipboard, so I can paste it into that textfield of the CameraApp. Someone help me with this noob problem?

It is becoming ever weirder: I can paste the path from ghost commander into a notepad app. But I cannot paste that path into the path field of the Camera app! And I cannot enter the “/” char either. So how am I supposed to enter a real path into that default camera app? Did I find a bug for an obvious usecase like this? How do YOU store pictures to external sdcard?

I changed the title of this thread to contain [BUG?] and flagged myself to “something else” Not sure how to hint the need for someone with more experience to this issue. Bear with me: I am a linux guy and very new to this android things.

First I don’t save to SD card ! From experience I find it easier to save internally then move images to SD if I want.

I see that it is a bit complex the first time. The instructions include

Once you have specified a new save location, you can long press on the Gallery icon to quickly switch between recent save locations. If you want to save to an SD card, see “How can I save to my external SD card?” under the FAQ.

First I just typed as this image (without storage framework selected)

Now follow the instructions above … then confirm one of the following.

Note actually this screenshot, one of many late at night, was taken at the wrong point, but is the best I have to show flow !

An alternative approach would have been to first select Storage access framework, then long press the Gallery icon (bottom right) and start from this point, maybe, but following the instructions came right in the end !

Perhaps worth noting that “Storage access framework” is “loosely speaking” about the way that Android sets strict rules to the app developer about paths he and the user may choose.

And that “recent save locations” are folders which exist and to which you have allowed Camera access permission in the instructed steps (even if I have not written that down.).

Another edit Maybe this is an object lesson that when you go off piste RTM becomes more important and more complex :slightly_smiling_face:

I now think the Save location field can be taken as “for information”. When Storage access framework is first invoked the preexisting /DCIM on the SD card would automatically be offered by default. Choose another folder will lead to creation of another location if required.

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Issues on the forum get responses from other users who have experienced similar issues or have some solution which they share. If the responses do not resolve your issue, and you are sure it is a bug in /e/OS, you can report it on gitlab and bring it to the attention of /e/OS developers.


Yup, that goes completely on my inexperience! Thx for your patience! I am still fiddling with the “Storage access framework” thing. Slowly crawling somewhere :hot_face: I will report ASAP…

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In my case it was simple. I toggled the Storage Access Framework, it brought up the file manager, I select the SD card from the slide out menu, and then selected the folder I wanted. Done.
If decide to change to another location, tap on ‘Save location’ and the file manager will popup again.

No need for copy/paste, typing in paths, or “fiddling”. :grin:

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Sorry if I needed some VERY simple “do X and then Y and done.”

The Documention of OpenCam settings actually does describe what to do, but I was not finding the settings “toggle Storage access framework”, because I was looking in THE (global) settings of e/os . :person_facepalming:

After I realized that this was the App own settings, it was obvious! :dotted_line_face:
So because of my dumbness, I chose your text as solution :lol:
"however instead you can enable Settings/More camera controls/“Storage Access Framework”, and this should allow you to save to external SD cards. "

Oops. So sorry I did not mention where the camera’s SAF setting was. Assumed you were in that general area but just “missed it”. :grimacing:

Actualllly I am very impressed how patient and mindful you guys behave in this forum, so I dare to show my inexperience with the Android ecosystem and esp. the “very weird user interface and workflows” - I am intuitively comparing with large screen with real keyboard-mouse combo. Cheers for your spirit here! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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