[HOWTO] Set / reduce sync interval using webdav account

After I was struggling the whole day with DAVx5 I found that similar WebDAV account was already available from accounts settings. :man_facepalming:
Now I’ve successfully established sync with my radicale server the phone syncs every two minutes which is quite excessive.

Is there a setting to reduce the sync-interval somewhere?!

EDIT: typos

A workaround to arrive to Account Manager options on Nougat:
main Menu,
add account,
choose /e/ Address book
or Google Address book
or WebDav Address book,
and finally you get to the missing options of Davx/Account manager to setup all the entries.

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Great! That did the trick!
Would never have guessed I had to go over ‘add account’ to reach the settings.
That is why the one DAV-menu item is called ‘Account Manager - Address Book’
Could even remove the leftover DAVx5 account this way.
Thank you!