[HOWTO] Setup NextDNS if you want add/tracker blocking + VPN

Nextdns is a private DNS provider. You can connect over TLS so that means no-one can see your DNS queries. It can be used in combination with a 3rd party VPN for example ProtonVPN, PIA etc. The goal is to have add/tracker blocking plus 3rd party VPN.

How to setup your phone to use NextDNS?


  • Go to nextdns.io

  • Click on Sign up

  • Enter your email and set a password

  • Go to Privacy and click “Add a blocklist”

  • Add the block lists you like (I recommend NextDNS Recommended Ads & Trackers Blocklist ,No Google, No Facebook and oisd)

  • If you add the “No Google” list and want to watch youtube (of course using NewPipe) add this in the Allowlist:

  • An example of deny list:image

  • Disable logs (Settings):

    If you want to see what’s is blocked you can turn it on temporarily.

On Phone

I decided to trust NextDNS but that’s up to you if you do too. I wanted to share because it works great.