[HOWTO] Take a screenshot in recovery (TWRP or others)


I found this excellent tool : [TOOL][WIN][v1.5]Take Screenshots in Recovery & Aroma - All devices in XDA devs forum.

You will need a Windows PC, an USB cable, and of course a working adb.
Tested successfully with TWRP, may work with any adb-enabled recovery.

The tool integrates all the necessary stuff (adb, ffmpeg, …).
At first run you will have to setup the tool according to your device screen, then it is ready to go :slight_smile:

For some screens you may need to get the “bottom” framebuffer.
Also be aware that exiting the tool will exit your command-prompt session, and close adb.

May work with a pre-launched adb-over-tcp/ip connection, didn’t test that.


Certainly useful, but seems a bit of an overkill in the case of TWRP under normal circumstances (i.e. TWRP has access to some storage) … in which case you can just press Power + Volume - to take the screenshot and then transfer the file in (usually) Pictures - Screenshots to your computer via USB connection.


I agree with you, but … :

  • the TWRP screenshot function for my Xiaomi santoni seems a little buggy (no file, incomplete file, …)
  • the purpose of this tool is to have the image file directly on the computer. Very useful to take ten or more screenshots in a row :wink:
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