[HOWTO] use any Addon in Firefox Nightly for Android

I didn’t know one can install any addons in Nightly, so here are the steps necessary how to use/test any Addon, even if it is not yet recommended / greenlighted:

  1. install Firefox Nightly for Android
  2. create a collection of the Addons you want → How to use collections on addons.mozilla.org | Firefox Help … For demo purposes I added uBlock and privacy-redirect to the userid 17271394 with name android-default
  3. enable Debug menu in Firefox Nightly by tapping the About menu Firefox logo 5 times, see screenshots at → Expanded extension support in Firefox for Android Nightly | Mozilla Add-ons Community Blog
  4. enter the owner/user ID and defined collection name in the Menu
  5. go to Addons menu and add / install the Addons (I forgot about this at first and wondered…)

There must be addons that are not compatible or hard to configure because of the screen size, YMMV! Here is a recent thread on what Fenix users are looking out for and some compatability reviews: https://old.reddit.com/r/firefox/comments/s6pc1v/which_addons_do_you_most_want_to_see_on_firefox/

Not sure when Mozilla will widen the number of addons, since a year now one can browse the Android listing at addons.mozilla.org, so some preparation was done. Adding signed xpis directly isn’t possible.