[HOWTO] Use the Browser App

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Icon Image
browser_icon browser_mainscreen

The /e/OS Browser is an ungoogled fork of Chromium, built from Bromite patch-sets with specific /e/ settings

** How to use the Browser app**

  • Tap on the browser icon opens the app main screen
  • As visible in the screenshot above the main screen of the Browser app shows three icons. They are links to the
  • These links can be removed if not wanted. To remove them
    • Long press on the icon and it will show options where remove is also available

** Options available in the browser**

  • On top right of the Browser screen you would see three dots .
  • Tapping on them will open a menu list of options


  • The option in the Menu are:
    • New tab
      • Opens a new tab in the browser
    • New Incognito tab
      • Opens a new tab in incognito mode in the browser
    • Bookmarks
      • Shows stored Bookmarks
    • Recent Tab
      • Shows the recently closed sites
    • History
      • Shows a list of sites visited
    • Downloads
      • Will show the files downloaded recently
    • Desktop site
      • Turns the view into desktop mode. This is a checkbox and by default is unchecked
    • JavaScript
      • this is a checkbox which is by default is checked .
    • Block Ads
      • this is a checkbox which is by default is checked.
    • Settings
      • Open up a screen with a host of Browser Settings check details below
    • Exit
      • Tap to close the Browser App

Browser Settings

browser_settings_1 browser_settings_2

Options available under Settings

  • Search engine

    • Gives the option to change Search Engines . Available options are

    • DuckDuckGo

    • DuckDuckGo Light

    • Qwant

    • /e/ spot

  • Password

    • Save Password ( default is off )
    • Auto Sign in ( check box default is unchecked )
  • Payment Methods

    • Provides ability to add payment methods . Cards can be added in this screenshot
  • Address and more

    • Screen where address can be updated
  • Notifications

    • Screen lets user decide which notifications can be displayed
  • Homepage

    • Set a default homepage here. This will open when the browser is opened.
  • Themes

    • Select themes for the browser here. Options available already
      • Light
      • Dark
      • System default
  • Advanced settings

    • Privacy
browser_privacy_1 browser_privacy_2
  • this screen shows Secure DNS, prediction service, settings for preloaded web pages

  • AdBlocker

    • Switch Adblocker on or off
  • Accessibility

    • Accessibility settings can be tweaked here
  • Site settings

    • Configure settings for various hardware components for site access
  • Languages

    • Download language packs for your Browser here
  • Downloads

    • Define where you want to store your Download in this screen
  • About Browser

    • Get details about the Browser here.

About the Project

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is it possible to import html’s favorites websites from another browser ?

How are icons added to the New Tab screen? After a few days of use the three original icons have been joined by several others seemingly at random. Is it possible to manage the New Tab screen to add and arrange icons so the user’s favorites could be presented when a new browser window is opened?


Didn’t found how to manage bookmarks on ‘New tab’ screen…


Found that long-press on a link (in page, not full url in nav-bar) allows to download the page for outline reading…