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Icon Calendar Main Screen
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  • Calendar forked from Etar is an open source material designed calendar made for everyone!
  • Easily setup appointments
  • Has a simple, material designed and state of the art open source calendar that anyone can make better.
  • The application is an enhanced version of AOSP Calendar. Without the help of Free Software for Android team, this app would be just a dream. So thanks to them!
  • Month view.
  • Week, day & agenda view.
  • Uses Android calendar sync. Works with Google Calendar, Exchange, etc.
  • Material designed.

How to use the Calendar app

  • Hamburger or Three line menu options


  • On the top left of the calendar screen you would find three lines or what is also known as the hamburger menu
  • Tap on the Hamburger menu to open the below Screen


  • Day
    • Opens up a Day - wise calendar view
  • Week
    • Opens up a week - wise calendar view
  • Month
    • Opens up a Month - wise calendar view
  • Agenda
    • Shows the Agenda view or task’s planned prominently
  • Calendar to display
    • If multiple accounts are added to the phone for example /e/ ID, Gmail ID and other accounts those calendars will show up in this view
  • Settings
    • Tapping on this option will show a sub Menu. Options in the sub menu are

General Settings

  • The settings here provide options to change
    • Theme
    • Primary Colour as Screen Background
    • Default view
    • View details to set level of detail required in Tasks
    • Hide /Show declined events
    • Display week days … in case you work 5 days a Week
    • Set a default duration for an event …default is 1 hour
    • Set home time zone
    • Clear Search history
    • Show / Hide pop-up Notifications - check box default is unchecked
    • Set up Snooze delay
    • Set default reminder
    • Set up quick responses…where an automated text goes out
    • Your /e/ account ID
    • Allows you to sync setting for your like Contact Birthdays, any added accounts like Gmail, Tasks in Personal calendar
  • About Etar

Store your calendar on the phone only:

  • Use offline calendar to create a local calendar on your phone.

Sync your calendar to a server

  • A cloud-synched calendar could be a google calendar, but you can also use
    any other public Caldav-server or even host your own (which would be the
    only way to keep full control over your data and still have ONE calendar
    usable from different devices.) To sync such a calendar to some server you
    need yet another app, e. g. DAVx5. That’s necessary because a Caldav client
    isn’t included in Etar.

The following link provides a tutorial how to use Nextcloud + DAVx5 + Etar.

About the Project

Project Source Code

Readme Location

Build Information

tools/bin/sdkmanager platform-tools
export ANDROID_HOME=/path/to/android-sdk/
git submodule update --init
gradle build

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