[HOWTO] Use the Contacts App

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icon Contacts Main Screen
contact_icon contact_mainscreen


  • Simple easy to understand User Interface
  • Access contacts from multiple accounts in one place
  • Update and Delete Contact from within the app

How to use the Contacts app

  • You can add Contacts in the app in two ways
    • Through the Account Manager
    • Directly by adding a new Contact

Add contacts through Account Manager

  • To get details on how to add account to Account Manager click here
  • Once the accounts have been added ensure you have selected the option to sync contacts in the account
  • After the sync is complete the contacts in that particular Account will show up in the Contacts app
    • Please note the sync will take a couple of minutes

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to share individual contacts with QR Code between two devices, a slim (700kb) qrcode app will make this possible:

Despite its ability to scan qrcodes, it will add the ability to generate a vcard QR Code from the Contacts share menu, and will also detect a vCard text after scanning one to be imported into Contacts

(I had less luck with other open source qrcode apps, that in other regards are excellent, using this app was the most straightforward way)