[HOWTO] Use the Files App

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Icon File Main screen
files_icon files_mainscreen


  • Easily access files and folders on the phone
  • Add delete folders on the phone through the UI
  • Access Phone internal storage

How to use the Files app

Files Menu Options Files Hamburger Menu Screen
files_menu files_hamburger

Options available through the Main Menu (screen left)

  • Provides direct access to the following folders on the Phone

    • Images
      • shows all image files on the Phone
    • Video
      • shows all video files on the Phone
    • Audio
      • shows all audio files on the Phone
    • Recent
      • shows all recently accessed media files on the Phone
  • Below these media specific folders you would be able to see these additional folders

    • Downloads
      • This is a direct link to the Download folder on the SmartPhone
    • Documents
      • This is a link to the Documents folder

      Tip: Files placed here are synced with ecloud

  • There is an additional folder that will show up here if Internal Storage is enabled

    • The folder will have the Device Name. In the screenshot above the ‘MiA1’ folder
    • Bug reports
      • Any bug reports created will show up here

Options available through the Hamburger menu (screen right)

  • New Window
    - Opens a new instance of the Files screen

  • New folder
    - Create a new Folder from this option. The user can name the newly created folder.

    • Tip: If you do not name the folder and press Ok it creates a folder called (invalid)!
      • It is a bug and will be fixed!!!
  • Select all

    • Select all folders in your SmartPhone with this Option
      • Warning: Be careful with this option you may end up accidentally deleting all folders from here.
        This may cause serious issues with the phone stability.
  • Show / Hide Internal Storage

    • Choose to Display/ Hide all folders on the phone. A very useful setting which helps plan storage on the device
  • Get Info

    • Select to view data about your phone storage here.

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