[HOWTO] Use the Mail App

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Icon Mail App Account View Screen
mail_icon mail_mainscreen


  • Mail app is a fork of K-9 Mail which is an open-source email client for Android.
  • Mail can be used to access /e/, Gmail and Outlook email accounts

How to use the Mail app


To add an Account

  • In the Account view screen shown in the screen shot above
Three dot menu ( top right of screen) >> Add Account >. Enter email Username and password >> Click Next

To delete an Account

Long press on an account in the Folder view >> Remove Account
  • Different Views Available in the Mail App
    • Account View -> View all connected accounts on Mail
    • Inbox View -> View when you tap on an Account in the Account View
    • Folder View -> Shows the list of folders under an Account
      To Access Settings in the Mail App
Three dot menu(top right) >> Settings

Options in Settings menu

  • Account Settings
  • Global Settings
Account Settings Global Settings
mail_accountSettings mail_globalsettings

Options Available under Mail Account Settings

  • General Settings

    • displays all active accounts
    • provides option to set specific colors for different accounts
  • Reading mail

    • Choose if you want to display images in your mail here
    • Choose if you want to mark mail as opened if read
  • Fetching mail

    • Set local folder size, set sync messages time and frequency here
  • Sending mail

  • Set default setting to send mails - format to send the mail in, Composition defaults …

  • Folders

    • Setting for your mail account folders can be configured here
  • Storage

    • Feel you want to setup an external storage location for your email? This is where you can specify an SD card as your storage location
  • Notifications

    • If notifications of incoming mail irritate you this is where you come to make changes
  • Search

    • Enable server search for messages here
  • Cryptography

    • Enable OpenPGP apps for additional security in Mail

Options Available under Global Setting

  • Configure global display settings applicable across accounts here

    • Display
    • Interaction
    • Notifications
    • Network
    • Miscellaneous
    • Privacy
    • Debugging
    • Cryptography

Additional Resources to understand K-9 app from which Mail is forked

About the Project
Project Source Code
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