[HOWTO] Use the Maps app

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Icon Maps App Main Screen
maps_icon magic_earth_mainscreen

About the Maps app
Read more about the Maps app

How to use the Maps app

  • Permissions required by the Maps app
    • You can access Permissions under
Settings >> App & notifications >> See all apps >> Maps >>App Permissions
  • Camera

  • Contacts

  • Location

  • Microphone

  • Storage

    • Caution: Always use your discretion while allowing any app permission to use any of your Smartphone resources
Maps Settings Left menu Maps Settings Right menu
magic_earth_settings_left magic_earth_settings_right

Settings in the Maps App

  • Options on the Main Screen ( lower panel)

  • You can see 4 icons on the main screen . They are

    • Layers
      • Decide how you want to have your Maps displayed - Layers and Styles are defined here
  • Download

    • Download offline maps here
  • Recording

    • Want to record the route you take while traveling? You can record it here.
    • Note this section will ask you for additional permissions
  • Settings

  • This icon will open the screen as shows above and captioned ‘Maps Settings Right menu’

  • Options available in this screen are:

    • Mobile data

      • Enable / Disable if the Maps Apps should use mobile data.
    • General

      • Settings for Sound, Battery mode, Distance , Night Colors and Map labels are available here
    • Warnings

      • Want Speed limit related warnings? This is where you can set them up
    • Al Dashcam

      • Recording and Driver Assistance Detailed view is available here
    • Navigation

      • Common and Specific Settings such as 2D / 3D maps, Full screen display options can be set here
    • Advanced Settings

      • Configure Map Data Cache size here
    • Support

      • Shows links to various Magic Earth support sites and online FAQ’s

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There is a lot of useful user documentation in the the Support section of the Magic Earth web site. This information is also available from the Settings menu in the application (Settings | Support | Tips and tricks)

We could mention both of those in this [HOWTO]. We could duplicate that information here, or just link to it.

It may be useful to ask people what questions they have about the app, e.g ‘How do I do x?’. If a question is answered on the ME web site, then we can just link to the answer. If it isn’t then we can document the answer here.
I would be happy to investigate any questions people might post, and document the answer (if I can find it out :slight_smile: )

Hi @petefoth the HOWTO above is editable by all. You can add any additional tips you have to the HOWTO itself.