[HOWTO] Use the Message App

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Icon Message App Main Screen
message_icon message_mainscreen


  • Message is forked from QKSMS which is an open source replacement to the stock messaging app on Android

How to use the Message app

Message Menu Message Settings
message_menu message_settings_a

Message Menu options

  • inbox

    • Displays all the text messages received . You can select / delete messages from this screen
  • Archived

    • Your archived text message ( if any) will show up here
  • Backup and Restore

    • You can backup and restore SMS messages at present MMS is not developed as yet
  • Scheduled

    • You can schedule sending text messages for details on how to do it check below
  • Blocking

    • Block sms sender / contacts from this screen
  • Settings

    • Check section on Settings below
  • Help & feedback

    • Send a mail seeking support to the QKSMS developer from here.
      • Please note this mail does not go to the /e/ Support team. To contact them send support@e.email
  • Invite friends

    • Send a download link to QKSMS app to your friends and contacts through this link

Attaching, Scheduling through the App


  • As visible in the screenshot above , the Contact app has a ‘+’ sign in red in the lower right hand corner
  • Tap the ‘+’ this will open a screen as shown below captioned ‘New Contact’
New Contact Contact Save To Location
contacts_newcontact contacts_saveto
  • The user gets the option to choose where to save the newly created contact. The options to save as shown in the screenshot above Features

    • Your /e/ address book
    • Your device
  • Saving to the /e/ address book will save the newly created contact to your /e/ cloud . It will be retrieved automatically when you setup you phone with your /e/ credentials

    • Saving to phone means the contact will be saved to your phone SIM card.

    • Tip: Choose as per your requirement as both options have their advantages and disadvantages.For e.g. saving on the /e/ cloud can prevent you loosing your contact list, you can also access the contact list from the ecloud.global web site . In case you save on SIM sync is faster but if you loose your phone or the SIM is damaged - without a backup you could be loosing all your information.

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