HTC Hardware Buttons

Is it common knowledge the hardware buttons do not operate on HTC 10? Or is there a workaround/fix I can do on my own to get them to work? I’m using onscreen nav buttons for now. I realize this device is community maintained. Not sure where’s the best place to post.

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Can you rise an issue on the Gitlab in order to report this to the development team please ?

Okay. I’ve done that. Thanks.

So I did a clean install after installing a stock ROM. NAV buttons work now but home button/fingerprint does not work. I think maybe my encryption is messed up. I’m getting a prompt for password in twrp. Cancel gets me by. I’m on a Sprint variant. Bootloader unlocked, S-on, sim unlocked. Any help is appreciated. Be nice to have a home button.


after the latest 0.15 update i did hope for a working fingerprint button but it seems unsolved. Any idea or tips? I know the button does work when using the unofficial version from the forum by @pintaf (great work btw).

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