Huawei is launching a new smartphone without Google services

The company has developed its own ecosystem and operating system called Harmony, which it unveiled last month. How safe and user privacy respecting it would be, is to be seen. Read more …

If Huawei don’t open the bootloader unlock service again, then why do we care?


Knee-jerk reaction here, but I would run away from anything out of China with the name “Harmony”. Fast. Like the Ministry of Love was after me.

My guess: it’s heavily integrated with the developing Social Credit System. I hope I’m wrong.


No Google spying but all your data will go thru Chinese investigation :smiley:


Euphamisms about frying pans and fires spring to mind.

In all fairness to Huawei, it does appear that this is driven by economic necessity and a desire to decouple from Google, but I would be very surprised if they haven’t also considered compliance with anticipated future Chinese government initiatives.

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Those cheeky ChiComs :rofl:

Yeah, but no problem sending data to Chinese. They are speaking a different language and using different letters. So they can’t use our data :joy::joy::joy:

But anyway, I have read that the user should install gapps and services for own. So I hope, the bootloader will be open … and i can flash e-pie-GSI on it :+1::+1::+1:

This thread is so funny!!

I think google is creepy, and the Cgov isn’t much better… Freaky would be a proper description imho

Even though I love chinese country the gov is a little disturbing