Huawei Messing Up With Linux Kernel?

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Wow !
Cheap good hardware have a very expensive cost !
I won’t be able to buy it !

the problem on huawei is, no way to unlock bootloader. so no way to flash any custom rom

The article is very poorly written and claims a few things which are not true at all. The author who wrote this article clearly did the least amount of research possible and completely misread the article posted by Grsecurity.

Please read the original article from Grsecurity and compare it to the linked article to make up your own opinion.


At first glance, it appears that Huaweii did it, then, after noticed, they claim it was a sole action of an employee. And Grsecurity say it propperly on its first update.

For my knowledge, that code would surely fail to be accepted (by the reasons Grsecurity point out) but the author of the AndroidRookies article clearly is against Huawei.

Of course, one cannot be sure about all this without reading the original article by Grsecurity (which I did :smiley:).

I believe the problem here is that a company is, or should be, responsible for its employees actions when using company’s tools.

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