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Hi Guys,

I’m currently using Huawei P20 Pro and it’s a great phone. It’s probably one of the first Huawei phone which made the brand “mainstream”. Even every non-techie guy has already heard about it. After 3 months availability, Huawei sold 10 millions unit (Huawei link).

With regards to the Huawei ban and the fact it’s a well distributed phone, I think it’s the perfect time to support it.

What do you think about it?

LineageOS: LineageOS
Main specs: GSMArena
XDA official forum: XDA


Hello, @jmaeder. Can’t you make your own rom using docker instructions? :thinking:

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Would be great if this phone would be supported! I would send it in and would let you guys make it…THX in advance !

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Please officially support this phone. Currently I’m using it on EMUI 9.1, but would be willing to change to /e/

Hi Unknown,

today I tried for quite some time installing your BUILD on my P20 Pro, unfortunately I was struggling already at the beginning trying to unlock the bootloader.

Turns out after some searching in XDA Forum threads and several dubious pages that Huawei completely stopped their “Bootloader unlock service” as you need a code for it. Also several other “providers” charging some money for it state that they cannot provide the codes anymore.

Even the “Install guide” for Huawei Honor 5X “kiwi” says " Warning : Huawei does not provide unlock password anymore. Consequently, if your device is not unlocked yet, you will not be able to install /e/ on it, unless using unofficial ways"
Funnily as states above apparently there are no unofficial ways anymore.

Is there any other hack / way to still install /e/ or any other custom ROM on Huawei phones?

Please help, I’m actually considering selling my P20Pro if there is no way to do so…

Ok guys, I just got it confirmed from Huawei even three times in a row from three individual sources: “Huawei stopped the official service to get a bootloader unlock code from Huawei customer service on Mai 25th 2018!!!”
I also found there is no other option, also if it might be super illegal, to get an unlock code. At least for me it is.
So, message to everyone: DO NOT buy a Huawei phone if you want to use it with a custom rom.