Huawei P8 and P8 Lite, please ! :)

Hi there !
I’d love to try this all new open source OS. So sas that m’y Huawei P8 (bought second hand of course) is not supported yet… :’-(

It’s difficult, because since beginning of year there is no way the unlock the bootloader. So the community for huawei phones get smaler and smaler

Oh! That’s good to know. Indeed I had a hard time trying to root my phone and I eventually gave up… Whereas on a Samsung A5 rooting was much easier.
I liked the Huawei for their cheap spare parts (I like to repair myself), but if their software is not that easy to open, I regret that choice…
Anyway, maybe I’ll try the /e/ OS on another phone that would come into my hands some day :slight_smile:

good choice :+1::+1: