Huawei Will Be Using Here Instead of Google for Maps

I always prefered Here over Google Maps. I don’t have any on my phone but when I need one, I use Here.

Anyone else use it?

PS: it’s full of trackers (FB and Google):

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Yes I do use the website of HERE WeGo since several years, very accurate !

note: and no tracker afaik.

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Well, the Exodus page says otherwise.
And ClassyShark and Aurora Store also.
I wonder if someone can tell about some map application that doesn’t have any tracks at all (I couldn’t find in the forum :slight_smile:)

OsmAnd~ does the job for me.

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The app has trackers as hell

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I’ll give it a try.

@facb69, sorry I am using the website not the app of Herewego.
@Vaughan of course ! As an app I’m using Osmand (discovered at my beginnings with F-Droid) from a long time, even forget it :crazy_face:

WhatsApp is copying your whole adress book to his own servers. Including all notes, address, EVRYTHING!!!
And they don’t much trackers, because they are monitoring your connection

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Just use built in Maps if using /e/, otherwise Maps is just Magic Earth for those not on /e/. Not open-source but they swear by privacy (if you can trust their word) But it does perform nicely and found it better than osmand+. Though I am using Streetcomplete app from f-droid to help make osmand+ much better.

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