Huawei Y6 Prime 2018 Dual

If possible, I apologize for implementing your great system on the Huawei Y6 Prime 2018 Dual.

Thank you very much

Radek Tůma

since mid of 2019 there is no way to unlock Huawei bootloader. And without unlocked bootloader you won’t be able to flash any custom rom.

So if you haven’t already unlocked your bootloader, you have to stay on Huawei stock rom. Sorry :frowning:

From the picture, I think it is possible here.

That’s only one step. the second step was a unlockcode from Huawei. And this code you won’t receive anymore

EDIT: You can search for a newer Custom rom on XDA for your device. If you will find one, try to install.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. → How to unlocked bootloader without code Huawei Y6 Pro

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Good find, if it will work :wink:

I tested, it doesn’t work.

mhm, sorry, but that’s allways the same, theses video tutorials never worked on other devices :frowning:

The Huawei practice is well known. @harvey186 has addressed them unmistakably.

That everything should be questioned in the WWW is very clear to me. Therefore only way of trying it out remains. It was worth a try, wasn’t it? Now you know more than before.