Huge Battery drain issue

I just installed /e/ foundation rom on my redmi note 6 pro. I am discovery the features of rom and hasn’t installed any third party apps till now but still i am facing a huge battery drain issue every 1 minute 3 % battery goes down. Does that mean that /e/ foundation rom is running process in background and sending my private data to some company

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

It may be a current issue with this ROM. Did you already try Power Down; (that is more than just restart).

Please tell us how it goes after 2 Power downs.

Yeah i tired i lt but still no luck … should i change the lineage os kernal to my stock roms kernal … will that do any good …

I guess you could try that! But I think the fault is in the build of v1.0 (that seems to be the only ROM available today). Your device unfortunately is labelled “beta” right now and v1.0 arrived early June. Previous ROMs were not archived apparently.

I think the issue will affect some devices more than others – for all I know you are the first tester!

You might try a factory reset. Go very gently (as I am sure you did the first time!) try to avoid overloading the device. Avoid using Advanced privacy. Be aware v1.0 has ‘location faking’. Perhaps even avoid Maps and intensive location using apps. Keep permissions to a minimum. Power down the device straight after a few minutes testing. Then proceed again. My personal feeling is that some devices will show evidence of a memory leak, that perhaps becomes unresolvable under certain conditions. This is all fairly uncertain among reporters this month.

Well … aah okh … are you a daily user of e os
If i am the first user of this rom on redmi note 6 pro … i will try to report bugs and help you guys to improve it :blush:

You said power down the device after few minutes of testing… bro this is my primary phone i can’t :sweat_smile:

Yes, I do use /e/ on 2 devices. (I had an Xiaomi once too till its USB module failed.) It is always good to be prepared to be patient on First boots; you will be aware that resources settle on subsequent boots.

I am only saying Power down, as a standard Android restart can preserve errors and I don’t know what your (underlying) errors actually are!

Does that mean you Bricked your device after a reboot… man i can’t take that much damage i only have one device and no hope for another till 2030 :sob:

No, nothing I said means that I bricked my device after a reboot!

I did have a Xiaomi in my personal history!

Sorry to ask as i didn’t find it on internet
What does means by usb module failed on xiaomi

Sir i only have one phone and i can’t spend for another
So please tell me honestly… should i stay on this rom or not will tere be any ota updates or not :pray:

USB module has several jobs to do. I do not know if I personally overstressed it, or it was a weak component. They do fail – I was unlucky, and the (very large) retailer preferred to refund me for the phone, rather than get involved in a $5 repair.

If you feel this was a failed test, then as this is your main device, you would probably be better to stick to something you know works.

I hope this is just a temporary thing and you will see more positive reports next month.

/e/ has been quite reliable in my experience; this seems a one-off for some devices / individuals.