I buy a eOS secondhand phone

Hi all!

I want to try the eOS, but i am not a super user of smartphones, so i dont need to get even the cheapest that /e/ offers in their webpage, and my mobile is not supported yet, so if anybody is selling a smartphone with eOS on a budget I may be interested, to be delivered within the UE. If i can choose, I´d go for anything with 32GB and the GPS working well.


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A little advice : when buying a second-hand phone, pay special attention to the battery health.

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Sure I will, thanks for the advice!

How do you do it?

Most batteries are permanently installed. How should the seller and buyer of a used phone seriously and meaningfully check the condition of the battery?

Which battery check app do you trust?

I bought a second hand Z5C and before installing /e/ I checked the battery health using the phone’s hardware test service by dialing ##7378423##

It said “battery health good, no need to replace it”.

After using /e/ on the phone I can say this assessment of the battery health was accurate, the battery lasts 1 to 1 and half days - which is ok with me for a phone from 2017 for £70 :slightly_smiling_face:

@K71 there was one on ebay.de a few weeks ago, but the seller was only shipping to Germany. Maybe keep an eye on ebay in your country.

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I take advantage of the thread opened by @K71 (thank you :slight_smile: ) in order to understand if there are any Samsung A5 with /e/OS installed on sale.
If you have, please write to me a message.

Thank you in advance

I’m going to be selling my trusty Xperia XA2 pioneer very soon. I just need to take pictures and post an ad on a UK website. When I have done this I will post back here as well as in the BuySellSwap category on this forum.

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Here are some ebay links for Gigaset GS290 with /e/ installed.

ebay Spain €220

ebay Germany €209

I had a Gigaset GS290 with /e/ installed, it works very well with /e/. I gave mine to a friend because it is too big for me, but it is a good phone at a great price. It has 32GB and GPS works :grin:


At some point, it is a matter of trust between the seller and the buyer …

For an expensive phone, I’ll ask seller for a AccuBattery benchmark.
For inexpensive devices, sellers are unlikely willing to perform these operations; I think a simple “full charge, reboot, let settle for a day, read battery %” might do the trick …

As @mike_from_ireland stated, some phones can also provide battery health information :slight_smile:
Tip : for Xiaomies with MIUI, try *#*#MIUI#*#* (or 6484).

It can’t hurt to get a price for a DIY battery exchange kit, or ask a local repair shop :wink: