I cannot login with my new e account

Hello I’m fresh and confused.

I already checked previous posts similar to my problem but nothing helped.
So I just created a new e account and now cannot login. Tried “Forgot Password” but it sends a message to an email account I haven’t even created yet and similarly cannot login to. How is this logical?

Please get in conact with support@e.email
Kind regards

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Hello, welcome in the forum :slight_smile:

Whether you want to login or request a password reset, you must enter your @e.email address in full and in lower case (example: username@e.email).

In the case of a password reset, the email is sent to the recovery address (by default the one with which you requested the creation of an account /e/). Remember to check your spam.

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Thank you for your help, tyxo and Anonyme! I will send my inquiries to support@e.email from now on.

I tried a password reset couple times but received no email. I then tried login in with my recovery email and that worked. So problem solved I guess. Previously I was trying with my username since that’s the first thing it’s asking.

So is my username just the name I typed or does it have an affix like e.username?

What you have to enter is username + @e.email (which is your /e/mail address).

(Not sure if it answers to your question.)

Then why does it say username or email?

That’s a good point, before it was clearly written to enter the /e/mail address. Don’t know why it has been changed. Will ask.

I can only login with my e.email address or recovery email address.

But anyway I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that /e/ setup is way too difficult and I’m not going to use it.

did you finally resolve your inital problem?