I got a new S9 from E solutions

Can someone please tell me what apps are usable without google tracking on this phone? Also I tried to download music to the phone and there was no file system. Can someone tell me how to do this?
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In the apps store (or Aurora store) you can see which trackers are active for each app.

Usually open source apps have fewer trackers but it can be harder to find them. If you have an app that meets your needs but uses trackers you can check here to find alternatives:

You could also use a tracker blocker but I’m not sure how this works exactly.

Hi, perhaps you can be more specific! Here is a screenshot from my File manager, do you see nothing like this? I remember that File manager sometimes defaults to “Recent” - on a brand new phone, that view is empty!

Yours looks like what I am used to. This is what I get. I ordered from E so I would not have these problems.

I think I must be misunderstanding you, sorry. I am going to sound picky, are you saying you could not transfer some music from your PC to the device?

In the event of a problem with a phone bought from /e/ your first port of call should be support@e.email.

I think you are showing me a view of the device from your PC? You seem to be showing you do not have two way communication with the PC? In this event, this will be due to USB preferences being set by default to “No data transfer”. USB Preferences are found by Searching USB from Settings >> Search settings.

Please consider also, do you have an SD card installed in the device?

I showed you a screenshot. I must have mislead you by saying it was from my File manager, sorry. I meant that the screenshot is taken from the System app, on the phone, called Files. Can you get a view of the file system from that app?

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I got an s9 a few months ago and it just died. I was talking to a friend and the flashlight came on, I did not turn it on. Then it turned off. Then my ability to use the screen stopped some where in this process. None of the buttons were responsive. The battery was at 67% at the time of death.

I pulled out the sim card since i was unable to get it to respond and some moron at samsung made them with batteries that can’t be removed.

Any ideas? I need my phone.

I am sorry to hear this, with a phone bought from /e/ your first port of call should be support@e.email.

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