I have bought a Samsung S9+ on the e.foundation site. Now Problems with the 1st update!

I have done the 1st update and now many things are not working well. Menus large and bury, speaker phone cracking up on the other side of the connection, Battery lightness adjusting 70-80% higher to get the same lightness as I used to have on 25-30%, and NO SERVICE!! NOT HAPPY!!!
I have written emails and ZERO response!!!
What do I do???

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How long have you been waiting for a response?

Ask @Manoj what to do.

Hi @Dr.Bob welcome to the /e/ forum, I am sorry to hear this has happened.

Did you send your emails to helpdesk@e.email – this should be the first port of call for a customer.

Hi, Just bought a Samsung S9+ on your site and was working great! Just did my 1st update, and now not working great anymore! Speaker phone crackles all the time on the other side of the connection, I set my brightness to around 25-30%, was great, now with the update I need 70-80 for the same brightness which is killing the battery! Also the menus are all large and blurry and irritating to look at. What do I do, as I have written many emails without any response and am very unhappy!
Best regards,

I move the similar post you created in another topic here. I have also sent you a mail requesting for more details. Pl respond with any personal details on that mail and not in this thread which is visible to all users.

Then where is the service contact, no one is responding to my mails, or no service tips for contacts when you buy the phone?

it’s now 4 weeks since my last mail

I see you sent a mail 20 minutes back on the helpdesk@e.email ID. Have asked the team to respond to it.
Which ID did you send the previous emails on.

Sorry my mistake. I meant to ask Which ID did you send the emails to? Was it to the helpdesk@e.email ?

Anyway, I can see two emails from you on the helpdesk ID. Both have now been merged and there is a team member responding to it.

@Dr.Bob pl do not share your personal email ID on this thread as this is a public forum. The previous post has been hidden.
The team should have responded to your mail. You can continue interacting with the support team on the helpdesk@e.email ID you sent.

I was just responding to your question and I am new here and no clue who can see it or not. Sorry