I haven't found any OS upgrade since last april

I am a bit surprised that the last update available for /e/os on my fairphone 3 is from april 2022.
Is there any thing wrong with my settings ? Were the releases stopped for a while for my phone ?

Any help is really welcome.

Thank you.

EDIT : My /e/ version, displayed on the Android menu is : 0.23-p-20220412177701-dev-FP3

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It’s depends on lots of parameters. Could you please refer to this [HOWTO] Give complete /e/OS version info easily for support, answers, comparison etc

This will give us all the information we need to help you.


Yes, Murena can no longer support Android 9 (the P in your version number indicates you are on Android 9 “Pie”) and unfortunately you cannot upgrade to a higher version through the Updater in Settings (so-called “OTA Upgrade”). However, you can upgrade manually (most likely that would mean complete data loss though, so if you will upgrade manually, make a backup of everything that is precious to you before), even to Android 12 now. See official information here:

Your version number (the “dev” part) also suggests you did not buy your FP3 from Murena (e), but installed /e/ on it yourself, is that correct?


Thank you.
You’re right. I installed /e/os myself on my fairphone… I will have to do it again.

Thank you again. Now I understand the problem.


Once/if your bootloader is unlocked (some have wondered if it would work with a locked bootloader as well, but I think that is very unlikely), the process is now actually easier than when you first installed /e/OS:

Boot the FP3 into /e/ Recovery, choose Apply update > Update from ADB, then connect the FP3 to your computer and start your Command prompt. The Recovery will tell you what to do on the computer: “adb sideload <filename>” (the file name includes the .zip suffix). I was able to go directly from 10 to 12 (e-1.5.1-S) , maybe you can even do the same from 9. Files: https://images.ecloud.global/dev/FP3/

(process duplicated on the screen because I aborted prematurely first)

Also you can choose apply update from SDcard, or apply update from internal storage

That weren’t options in my Recovery (I would have loved to do it all without the computer), but maybe it was different from your version.

Let me just throw this in:

Ah I wondered the same!
I must have missed the announcement, since this is
quite noteworthy after all!