I need the boot.img of the newest sofware version

How can i get the newest boot.img of the newest e/os version for the fp5. e/os does not publish its rom as flashable zips as far as i can tell.

what for ?
Magisk ?
simply unzip the "e-1.16.1-t-20231026345875-stable-FP5.zip"
that should be stored into your device, in the "/data/lineageos_updates" folder…
and you will obtain the boot.img :wink: that i offer to you as a present because it seems like you recently have purchased a Murena-FP5

Edit :
Hello @IceFire welcome to this helpfull forum.
but you need something like TWRP or a rooted file-manager to reach /data content…
it’s a joke, haha ! my daily device is an up to date 10 years old Samsung Galaxy S 4.
have a good day…

Its not as unreachable as you think if you just download the update you can export the downloaded file the problem is that when i unpacket the 1.17 beta there where no recognizable partitions on there. Your tip makes me hope that it will be present in the stable version. I still have my V20s but out of my replacement parts only second US996 is still running. Yeah its for magisk. I did use the kernel of the first version for previous updates but i want the most up to date kernel.

just not thinking about it, that i recently discover : download goes to download folder…

you are one of the testing group ?

i only can offer 1.16 (dev or stable) or 1.16.1 (stable)

but this forum is awesome : https://community.e.foundation/t/walkthrough-extract-erecovery-and-boot-images-using-payload-dumper-go/52736

I just make the updates that pop up in my updater. I never joined a test group so i dont know.

I had to export the update first it wasent in the download folder by default.

Than i have a problem because i cant just roll back or spoof my device version back to an older one without root.

1.17 is not yet released, and 1.17 beta don’t appear on the public servers, but if you get it, as i said :

Oh wow sorry i oversaw that. I agree for for once the is a forum that knows more than xda. I will check this out.

even by selected an option near the bottom of the developper options menu ?
allowing to receive test version.

Yes you got me must have frogoten that i switched that on updates rolled out half a month later. So maybe i frogot

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e-1.17 shoud be released in 2 weeks

Nice. Had to figure out that its not fastboot flash boot boot its fastboot boot boot because flash will cause a bootloop than it worked. The extractor is an awesome program. Thanks for your help.

LG V20
“h910” * R * Install doc * 2016 5.7 " Yes Single sim

LG V20
“h918” * R * Install doc * 2016 5.7 " Yes Single sim

LG V20
“h990” * R * Install doc * 2016 5.7 " Yes Dual sim

LG V20
“vs995” * R * Install doc * 2016 5.7 " Yes Single sim

LG V20
“us996” * R * Install doc * 2016 5.7 " Yes Dual sim

LG V20
“ls997” * R * Install doc * 2016 5.7 " Yes Dual sim

[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] LG V20 (H918) for /e/OS-S (android 12 based)

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