I need to port out. This mobile svc is useless, want my number back

Can anyone respond to my requests. I bought the terracube phone, signed up for mobile svc.
Ported my number over and then it cannot work due to the phone not accepting esim.
The only way to activate with this phone is with sim, which you dont offer. Insane!!
I want the port out info to reclaim my number and start a new service with tmobile or something.
Is there a human out there who can help?

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Hi, sorry to hear it does not work as expected.

Did you buy the phone in the murena-shop?
In that case I think that topic is for official support rather than for the community forum.

Did you contact official support already?


Yes from the Murena shop.
Ive sent two or three contact us forms a day. Not a hint of support or reply from this.

I have asked the team to respond ASAP.

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I"m a bit confused. The Teracube doesn’t do eSIM. None of my six devices do.

The only way to activate with this phone is with sim, which you dont offer. Insane!!

What does that mean? Murena doesn’t offer what exactly? Murena isn’t a carrier (unless some service has been added while I Rip Van Winkled).
Porting of numbers is a carrier issue. I don’t see how Murena or Teracube can offer something that isn’t possible.
You, as the owner of the device, would/should have known it doesn’t have eSIM.

I sincerely do hope there is a way to retain your number. :crossed_fingers: that a solution can be found.

On a side note, my VoIP provider is releasing (at some point) an eSIM adapter that will provide eSIM capabilities to most (supported) devices. That would be great for this kind of scenario.
See here for more info…

Newsletter: eSIM Adapter (and Google Play Fun) — JMP Blog


@marcdw for friendly information only:


Oh my. Thank you so much for that. I really have been asleep then. I may have seen that but quickky dismissed as I have no compatible devices.

Apologies all around. :bowing_man:
eSIM comments still stand though.

EDIT: so is the below true now?