I need to remove the battery in FP3+ and put it back in every time for the phone to start charging

Hello everyone!

I recently got an Fairphone3+ (FP3+) with /e/OS, which I started using on the 27th December, and ever since the beginning I’ve been having issues with the battery.

First, I had a battery drain problem, which I think I have now solved after activating “Developer mode” and tweaking the settings.

Then, I’ve noticed that the phone suddenly switches off with no warning when the battery gets down to around 10% of charge. The light keeps blinking for a while but I can’t switch the phone on: I need to plug it and the phone needs to start charging for me to be able to switch it on.

And now comes the weirdest thing: every time I’ve had to physically remove the battery and put it back in for the phone to start charging. Otherwise it will not start charging at all when I plug the charger.

I found a couple of old posts by people complaining of a similar behaviour on FP1 and FP2, and they solved it by getting a new battery. But I’m asking here first because I’m using the newest FP3+ and both the phone and the battery are barely two weeks old.

Does any of you have an idea of what could be causing this issue and how I could solve it?

Many thanks in advance!

I wonder if it makes sense to contact the /e/ support just in case there is a real hardware defect on the phone that can’t be fixed by software.

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it sounds like a dead battery. Before your phone switches off, the safety circuit inside the battery gets triggered (undervoltage protection) and the battery is disconnected from the phone. To reset that safety circuit you take off the battery and put it back in again. The battery should not reach undervoltage during normal operation, so its faulty.

It would not be a solution, but since you didn’t mention it … a reboot is not enough?
Keeping the power button pressed for about 15 seconds should force a reboot.

Hi @marco.oast if this phone was purchased from eStore pl send a mail to support@e.email with these details.

Thank you, @Manoj, for your answer: I did buy it from eStore, so I will write to support@e.email about this issue.

And thank you too for your answer, @Ingo_FP_Angel!

Thank you for your answer, @88250, what you say does make a lot of sense: I’ll mention it in my email to support@e.email

Thank you, @AnotherElk, for your answer: I didn’t try such reboot while the phone light was still blinking after the phone had switched off when reaching 10% of the batter; so I’ll be sure to try it the next time it happens.

Dear Marco,

I have the same issue as you have, my FP3 is randomly switching off and I can’t restart it without removing the battery.

Since it looks like a battery problem, did you contact fairphone directly?

thank for your feedback


Hi folks,

I bought a FP3+ 3 weeks ago and I have the same issue as you have.
Charging takes a lot of time and the device doesn’t want to start after, I need to remove the battery to restart…

I will ask /e/ support.