I really wanted this to be the solution for me

But I just can’t keep overlooking the missed phone calls and texts, no matter how infrequent they are.

It was fun while it lasted, but at some point I’m going to miss something very important at the expense of total privacy.

First time I hear about missed phone calls and missed texts with /e/. Could you please tell us something more about this? Thanks.

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Unfortunately, I’m experiencing such outages also. It is rare and unpredictable.

0.10-2020081367789 on LG-H850

There is no sign of error or error notification displayed in the OS, when such outage is ‘happening’. Sometimes the incoming calls do not reach my device, but they are forwarded to my landline. Forward when unreachable is set at my device (work environment reasons).

Forwarding is useful for me when going to the underground part of the building. Forwarding never happened before when being in my office, above the ground. In the last weeks forwarding happens even when being above ground for fairly long time (hours) or not being out of network coverage for some days. When call forward happens, my mobile device do not react, my landline rings. The device shows that full and healthy network available. When switching off and on the mobile network (the easiest is by switching Airplane mode on/off), sometimes new messages are coming in, with many hours delay.

I was not sure what to report to bugreport, so I kept silent and collecting experience about the issue.


Can’t help you more, but try to reboot the phone when coming upstairs to office… Switching on/off airplane mode doesn’t refresh system’s temporary files.

I’ve also not heard of this before nor have I experienced this, although I would’ve hated if I had missed some calls. @yopixi could you tell us roughly what is the ratio of missed calls that you had? I will enable forwarding as well and see if I can spot the issue on my end as well.

It is rare. I experienced it three times in the last month. Twice I received a call to another line, and took me by surprise, because I was “above ground”. Once I have noticed that no delivery confirmation has been assigned to a message I was sending. Now I occasionally check the connectivity and if it is OK (presumably), I do a soft restart. That shall revert any change and SMS shall be delivered and sent.

Thank you. I was not precise: I did both depending on the mood: soft restart and switch on/off the airplane mode to unclog the cellular connection. Now, I will only restart.

But I think it is not enough for any bug report. Shall I dumb a bug report before and after the soft restart? I believe that I haven’t seen and visual indicators of a faulty/clogged connectivity on the display.

I have also experienced this.
My carrier sends me an sms when I have missed a call when phone is off or has no connection

I would suddenly get 2-3 sms about missed calls. And sometimes i would also get a few sms that people have sent to me, that did not come through during this “outage”.

Sometimes it would be enough for me to send an outgoing sms, or make a call, and the missing call alerts and any missing sms would come rushing in…

Happened at random intervals, and only a few times a month.

I think it is most frequent when in areas with poor signal, and the phone has to switch between carriers or between 4G and 3G/2G…

I did not mention it here, since i thought my phone was the problem. It is quite old…

Nexus 5
/e/OS 0.7.2020032947313

(I think I installed /e/ in early May. Don´t remember how many updates since then, but I have had the problem from the beginning.)

That’s an important issue.

Could someone open an issue about this in our gitlab please ?

Would be nice if everybody with this issue could generate some logs (just after the issue occurs), and add a comment with those logs under the issue. Ideally with this method, but if it’s too complicated you can use this method.


I have a Nexus 5X on the latest /e/.

I had WiFi calling enabled with WiFi preferred, due to reception issues on my floor.

Once a day I’d have to soft reset the phone when I noticed a call being missed.

After the reboot, the phone was fine, again, at receiving calls.

I’ve missed texts in this fashion, as well, but never get notified about them, later.

Since I never originally tested this phone out with its factory image, that’s what I’m doing now to see if there’s a difference in service.

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I have experienced something similiar with stock a ROM. Things like this seem to happen sometimes. I have a Canadian Samsung Galaxy S7 with stock firmware and software. Only other thing I note is the device was originally for a different carrier. I never bothered flashing a stock ROM from my carrier.

I used to be on call for work. I would have to move around. Generally I would have excellent coverage and service. Sometimes I would go where no service could reach. I would also check in every hour or so if I didn’t hear anything.

Ever once in a while, I would receive calls that would start going straight to voicemail every once in a while. I had a radio as well. I’d get a buzz on the radio as they couldn’t reach me. My phone wouldn’t receive calls. I would restart my device to solve the issue. It would happen around once a month of 30hrs a week of on call work.

As I recall I would also be away from the radio a bit and call in and find that they hadn’t been able to reach me. Once I got off the phone, I could look and all of a sudden I would have notifications. This happened in a city of about 700,000 people with looked like fine reception.

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