I still want to use WA, GMaps & YT: Does it make sense to switch to /e/ os?

Hi everybody,

I am considering buying a GS 290 with /e/ os for privacy reasons. I already do not share contacts / dates / tasks / notes with Google, but have my own privacy solution for these cases. (Davdroid-Sync, encrypted Standard Notes app etc.). Currently, i use an G Android 10 Nokia 6.1 phone (and the updates will soon come to an end).

Nevertheless, I still want to use Whattsapp, Google maps and Youtube (and I don’t want to discuss the OS alternatives).

Does it still make sense to switch to /e/ os or would you think that the privacy level in this case would be comparable to my current setup?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

It would still be worth using /e/ because of lots of hidden stuff and google baggage it gets rid of.

And it’s the beauty of /e/ that it still permits using those apps if you want to…

Since I am no IT expert, I don’t know exactly what “hidden stuff and google baggage” really means. I suppose location tracking and statistics about app usage?

But you are something of an IT expert with what you have done already. I agree, move to /e/ and you will gain insight on whether the move was worthwhile and learn what @Pinback means by hidden and baggage. :smiley:

Thanks for the answers so far. But for me this is a little bit too unspecific. Why should I invest money in a solution with only such a vague prospect of more privacy? Since the current /e/ os is still “beta” and not “stable”, an investment is also risky if unexpected difficulties should occur.

Why not buy an older phone (2015/16) cheaply on ebay and put /e/ on it yourself? Then you can assess if it suits your needs, without any risk.

Only if you are technically curious of course… Check out the list of supported models, maybe you’ve even got one in a drawer somewhere?

I just decided instead of buying a GS 290 with pre-installed /e/ os for 258 EUR to buy a “normal” GS290 via Amazon (new!) for just 128 EUR (seems that /e/ foundation makes a huge margin with this model…). I will use the easy installer to install /e/ os by myself. It is still an investment, but not so much like for e.g. a new fairphone 3 …

@Dontworry I recently installed my /e/ OS and I’ve run into no issues so far. I am using the Samsung Galaxy S9 + that I purchased “new” for 300$ and flashed it myself. Since switching I’ve also stood up my own Nextcloud for my phone to sync my: Contacts, calendar, tasks, photos and what ever else I have on it.

My /e/ phone doesn’t “phone home” for all the apps I’ve installed so far which is great, I am tracking my data usage on my normal android and e phone. I am 7 days in and my e phone has used maybe .1 Gb of data and my normal android phone has used almost .7Gb of data… just sending telemetry. Also e uses “microG” so even if you have to use google services for some stuff it uses a proxy and strips out your personal data except for – i think – your email address.

I also switched to “mint” for my phone provider and saved a TON of money on my monthly bill (I pay 15$ a month now)… if t-mobile is in your area check it out. This is another way to go “private” you can use aliases to get your service.