I want to change the ring time (Samsung S7/German Telekom/e_herolte-user 10...)


I like using /e/ on my phone, but I didn’t manage to change this, yet.

When I get an incoming call, the phone only rings twice and then the mailbox is activated.
How can I change this?

I tried GSM? code (is there anything like this working with /e/ ), telephone app and phone settings, didn’t find the proper settings tab.

Thanks in advance!


Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Which GSM / USSD codes have you tried?
Maybe: ##004# Alle bedingten Anrufumleitungen ausschalten (Besetztfall, nach 5. Klingeln, Nichterreichbarkeit)?
Wikipedia is a good first stop, check “Weblinks” at the bottom of the specific page for more codes.

I’d presume the mailbox is a function provided by telekom (in your case) and not by phone-hardware or the OS or else. Therefore, I’d expect USSD-codes to work in general, least the basic ones to some extend…
Have you doublechecked with your provider?

(You might try USSD-codes whilst your SIM is in a “normal” phone in order to rule out USSD-codes not working because of eOS.)

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