I want to like /e/

I’m going to spend 2021 De-Googling. Once I saw what’s was going on here I knew I had found my people. I couldn’t sign up fast enough but once I started trying to try I realized it was going to be so much harder than I had thought.

I want to love /e/ and I’m sure I will. I’m just experiencing… I don’t know… growing pains?

I tried to buy space but now I’m locked out. I’m just trying to pay. Perhaps using the Brave browser made the system mad.

also having issues getting outlook to connect even though I authorized the machine through the browser. Well I might as well de-Microsoft where I can on this machine do I’ll try a different client.

But anyway any idea why I’d get locked out?

Pl send a mail to support@e.email with the details.

Thanks Manoj I just did.

Can you think of any reason what triggered this? If it was Brave browser I want to make sure to let them know that their browser is causing this.

Not sure it is because of Brave. Have shared your mail with the ecloud team who should be able to help figure out why you ID is not working.