I Want To Use Notes Without An Account?

The problem is: having an open case is something different than having a closed case which can be reopened again. I say it again: unsolved cases are closed here for the reason that they should not disturb anymore. People who should be interested didn’t show any interest (this is what “the case didn’t show any activity” really means) and they don’t want to have crap in their list. On the user’s side this leads to misunderstandings, frustration, double and triple cases and especially it does not solve any problem.

If this will not be changed, at least let us allow to unistall it

Looking at the issue, it has been fixed, and the fix is awaiting deployment, in /e/OS v2 (if I have read the issue correctly)

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Oh i see, this was just a day ago, well then i have to wait for 2.0 :slight_smile:

That is true. Default app like Notes requires to have an account like on Google Android. This shows opposite to slogan My Data Is My Data.

True, installing another app is possible, but this seems to be a weak point from user’s view.

Maybe, but until then (whenever this will be) the thing is whenever someone comes and wants to take private local notes he can’t. And what’s the consequence? The consequence is he takes something else. The thread has been started in November 2022, 18 months ago, a lot of time to try something else. I use another app since my first day with /e/ 0.10. - But when you use something else and you get familiar with that you probably stay there.

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So anybody found an App they are content to use. Where’s the harm in that?

The default App doesn’t do a certain thing, a certain set of users chooses some other App because of it. The flaw of the default App got pointed out, apparently this gets corrected (even if only after quite a while), the new version is set to arrive :person_shrugging: .

Not every default App will please 100% of the users. Not every /e/OS user uses the Bliss launcher, not every /e/OS user uses App Lounge, not every /e/OS user uses Magic Earth etc. etc. …

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