I Want To Use Notes Without An Account?

I tapped on Notes and it wants me to be logged into an Account.

Is there a way to use Notes without using an Account, or being online?


you can get the upstream App (“nextcloud notes”) to do this, it supports offline notes since mid 2021.

( /e/ notes will update the fork in the next releases sometime, see Notes can't be used without /e/ account (#775) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab and Update Notes application to Nextcloud Notes 3.4.18 (&232) · Epics · e · GitLab )

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I never used Notes (because of this in my eyes idiotic cloud approach). Take a look at Another Notes app (F-Droid). Simple, fast and allows export.

With all due respect and no disrespect intended, I am simply giving feedback, this approach is very Google like, that /e/ isn’t getting.

A Mission of My Data is My Data revolves around a lot more than simply Data, the whole concept of this type of Mission Statement should revolve around the entire OS of “CONTROL”.

Everyone in the Google world says when you use Android, you aren’t forced, you have choices, if you don’t like something, then you can go and download another app, etc… It’s not the point!

The point should of been, when you develope a Brand like this, the entire OS should of reflected it, with apps not forcing you into any mold.

Notes should of been made, so that you can use it without an account. Now end-users have to waste their time, that don’t want to use an account on /e/ and go looking for another Notes app, or figure out when creating an account, how you turn off Sync for everything you also don’t want going into the Cloud, which is another approach that shouldn’t be happening either, meaning Sync is ON by default, it should be OFF.

Anyhow, this needs to change, every app installed in an OS like this, should reflect end-user FREEDOM, on an OS, that doesn’t lock them into any particular pattern…

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… but it looked like a question !

Your more recent post seemed to include a lot of “should” !

On one hand I agree with you, but perhaps one has to try to do this without ANDROID / GOOGLE.

Meanwhile /e/OS has harnessed AOSP with an alternative.

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The first post was a question, then my second reply was feedback. :wink:


Go to setting, account, sync and uncheck “notes” and it’s done.


I asked without an Account…

I already know this, the problem is trying to use Notes without having to create an account, then turn sync off for it.

/e/ should of created a Notes apps that doesn’t require an account in the first place.

Go to setting, account, sync and uncheck “notes” and it’s done.

No, it’s not. When you do that (I checked this right now) the app pops up message boxes telling you that it is not registered to an account and then it opens up a website to register at murena.io. This is interesting: the user did switch this off, this all is visible in the OS settings, the app could just read it there, why is the user now urged to register online again? Nobody thought about this.

This app is indeed sad. You can’t run it without an active online account, you can’t export your data, you can’t categorize your items, you can’t even delete the items all at once.

Thank you for the clarification. I must admit that I did not test this option to the end. I really thought that once the sync was deactivated it was ok.
After that I don’t use notes very much, I hardly ever use it.
In fact they are synchronized at home and I’m fine with that. Even if I understand that it can be annoying for some (or at least that the synchronization is activated without asking anything).

After that, syncing is part of the /e/ offer. That’s why I switched to this OS, to have a coherent set of offers without having to deal with google.

For the application as such, for my use it is fine. After that, maybe it needs to be improved.:slight_smile:

Just ignore the supplied Notes app and use “Another Notes” app its very good. To be extra sure go into e/OS settings and turn off Mobile data and wifi for the app.