I wish I could get 0.23-Q GSI

It was the best so far but I lost it, is it possible do download again?
I only see 12-q to 1.6-q


Why would you want to use such an old version?

It’s not that old, is the last one before 1.0
With 0.23 my bank app was working, but not with 1.6.

Interessting. Which Bank is it?

Which means it was the last build before the introduction (without adequate user testing) of the ‘Advanced Privacy’ functionality which caused a lot of problems with location and network access. 0.23 would be my /e/OS release of choice :slight_smile:

It’s not exclusive for my bank, It’s a way to validate payments used by my bank among others, I think. It’s called MB Way.
I’m with another GSI now, but still the same problem, and I tried some others with the same result.
With 0.23-q I could have root, no goolag account, and it simply worked.
So, if somebody could provide me with a link to eOS 0.23-q GSI I would appreciate.