I would like to have my phone unGoogled

I have a smartphone and it is a Samsung A10e. I have not been able to unGoogle it yet.

Hi Sandra,

I just moved to eOS yesterday. I have a Nokia 7.1 but no chance of installing e on it so I bought a secondhand moto g7 as there is an e image available for this phone model.

It would be great to see newer models like the Samsung A10e supported but I think because e is a fork of Lineage OS then looking at their supported phones here give a good indicator of what will be supported by e foundation in the near future.

Well done on wanting to remove google and the more people that do, the closer we will get to regaining privacy as our right.
You could start by migrating to ecloud email and forwarding your existing gmail account to your new e.email address in the interim.

If you want to stick with Samsung then looking at purchasing a Galaxy S8 or S9 secondhand and using the easy installer on Windows to install e on it may be the fastest option.
You can also purchase the S8 and S9 from e shop which will have a 1 year warranty and e already installed.

Hope this helps.


Perhaps you could discover /e/ with the help of a Q GSI build