I would like to use ANT+

/e/ is installed on my Fairphone 3+ with the easy-Installer. Thank you very much for this! Now I would like to use my HR-device via ANT+. This works with LineageOS on my Fairphone 2, but I can’t use it with my Fairphone 3+. I installed ‘ANT Radio Service’ and ‘ANT+ Plugin Service’, but I cannot use it. Is it neccessary to root the device? Is it possible to solve this problem. Thank you very much!

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@mathebaer I had the same problem. This functionality is normally baked into the Android system and it was missing on my Samsung S7 Edge bought at e foundation. I remember even with root it is not so easy to add ANT+ firmware to the system and enable it. I read on some pages that people asking what this ant process is and why it must be running all time and using system resources. So I can imagine that it had been removed on discussions like that. - I had opened a ticket on e foundation Gitlab for this but closed it after I saw how much work the e foundation team has to do. And in my opinion adding ANT+ is no easy work package to be done besides the other work.