I would love to see support for Lenovo TB-8505F

I would love to see support for the Lenovo TB-8505F.

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I couldn’t find any sign of any custom ROM for this device, and definitely no LineageOS ROM, which is what /e/OS is built on. So no chance of a device-specific /e/OS ROM any time soon.

However, this post in XDA Forums mentions having good results with a LineageOS 18.1 GSI, so you could try that, or experiment with the /e/OS GSI

These pages give more information about GSIs


I have read somewhere that the latest /e/OS GSI is v0.19-q. What I can’t find is details of where to find the latest /e/OS GSI. Others may be able to help you with that.

Good luck

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… I think here Flash the system image after you Find your phone architecture.